Discussion of research philosophy in your dissertation should include the following:

The choice between positivist and interpretivist research philosophies or between quantitative and qualitative research methods has traditionally represented a major point of debate. However, the latest developments in the practice of conducting studies have increased the popularity of pragmatism and realism philosophies as well.

Research philosophy deals with the source, nature and development of knowledge[1]. In simple terms, a research philosophy is belief about the ways in which data about a phenomenon should be collected, analysed and used.

The choice of a specific research philosophy is impacted by practical implications. There are important philosophical differences between studies that focus on facts and numbers such as an analysis of the impact of foreign direct investment on the level of GDP growth and qualitative studies such as an analysis of leadership style on employee motivation in organizations.

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Philosophy helps to understand one’s own personality and behavior. Gaining vast knowledge about philosophy helps to reveal personal behavior and attitude. There are different scholars who have conducted researches regarding philosophical topic. In order to write a constructive Philosophy dissertation, students need to conduct vast research for gaining knowledge from previous researches. The previous researches are difficult to find out and most of them are backdated. Moreover, it is very difficult for the students to understand the actual ideology of the authors which is highly important for writing a philosophy dissertation. Nowadays, students have huge academic pressure and there are so many assignments to be done within specific deadline. Writing a dissertation simultaneously with study is very hectic for the students. Here comes the importance of Philosophy dissertation writing help service. It assists the students to concentrate on their study for obtaining good grades.

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Abstract Introduction Research question Outline of the Philosophy Dissertation Literature review Methodology Data Analysis performed Conclusion References.

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Students in 2016 vs 2017 what has changed?

Old Testament teachings from the Christian Bible are too outdated and no longer applicable to life in the 21st Century. Discuss. Which religious code of ethics is most applicable to modern day life and why? How can religious faith justify the existence of international terrorism and an all-loving, omnipotent god? Do religious belief systems contradict modern day notions of equality for women? According to the Bible homosexuals can have no god. Discuss. Is Buddhism the only religion applicable to modern life in the UK? In post 9/11 culture, Eastern religions have no chance of a fair trial in the media. Discuss. What do pagan and neo-wicca belief systems have to offer in the face of 21st century living?

Worship and ritual is concerned with the physical and spiritual rites people of religious faith use to honour their principles and their deity. Within this subject you may study life changing ceremonies such as weddings and funerals or simple methods of connecting with a deity such as meditation or chanting. Factors still prominent in modern society, a religious studies dissertation on one of the following topics could be very intriguing.

Compare and contrast the basic principles of Eastern and Western religious faiths. Are the two factions really that different? What social beliefs influenced the creation of Japanese religion and how much change to Japanese belief has there been in modern times? What can be learnt from the religious conflict in the Sudan? Compare and contrast modern day Egyptian religious traditions to those from the pre-dynastic period. All religious paths lead to the same mountain top. Discuss. Has the Christian dominance in Ireland subsided enough for the Catholics and Protestants to live in peace? Atheism is the new world religion. Discuss. Compare religious belief in modern day India to their beliefs in the early 20th Century. What has changed and why?

There is no obligation that the dissertation match the prospectus, though significant departures should be cleared with one’s dissertation director, and if one wishes to work on a completely new topic, the committee as a whole should be consulted (and may need to be reconstituted).

The Baylor Philosophy Department expects an initial defense of the prospectus in the seventh semester of full-time non-summer enrollment, i.e., normally in the first semester of the fourth year. By the end of the next semester, the prospectus should be successfully defended. Students should normally start serious work on the prospectus in the second semester of their third year. There normally should be a student-organized prospectus-writing group for students at this stage of their career.

The dissertation should not be thought of as one’s magnum opus . It is, rather, a work that provides one with a “license to do professional philosophy”. A fortiori , the dissertation prospectus is not a magnum opus . It is, rather, a work that provides the committee with evidence that you’re ready to work on gaining your license to do professional philosophy.

Different dissertation directors will have different expectations. Check with your dissertation director for his or her specific expectations. The following notes are only heuristic guidelines.

Literature Review.

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Religious history is the study of belief systems throughout time. The subject pays particular attention to which religions were dominant and which religions have had a historical impact on cultures throughout time. It will often involve close examination of all literature and culture from a specific era in search of religious references. Although the institution that you study in may have bias or emphasis to a particular faith, studies in this area are not restricted to mainstream religions such as Christianity or Islam. Religious history is a key component to how the human race has evolved through time. A religious studies dissertation in this area will create many areas of research for you. Some are suggested below.

What religious conflicts were faced by the people of Elizabethan England and what evidence do we have of such conflicts from this time? History has taught us that the belief system of a nation depends on who is sitting on the throne. Discuss. In their book ‘ Pagan Christianity Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices ‘ authors Viola and Barna suggest overwhelming similarity between the Pagan and Christian faiths. How far do you agree with their theory of Christianity being historically rooted in Pagan tradition? What were the foundations of the Islamic faith and how close are modern day rituals and traditions to those thought to have been practiced in 7th Century Saudi Arabia? Historically speaking, which country and cultures have been unable to resolve religious conflict and how has this impacted on their culture today? Was Adolf Hitler influenced by religious ideas and doctrines? Where did religion as we know it today originate? Historically, human beings have failed in matters of religious tolerance. Discuss.

This topic focuses on the role architecture plays in the realm of religion and within religious communities. To effectively study this topic you need to look beyond the physical aesthetics of a building and attempt to understand what buildings symbolise for those following a religious faith. With many religious buildings around the world, a religious studies dissertation in this area will provide you with many research possibilities.