You are a student from Africa and you need some tips on how to avoid plagiarism? Well, you are in good company. Plagiarism compromises your academic work. It nullifies your well-meant efforts and makes a fool of your academic efforts. If you are from Africa, picking any piece of information for your assignment simply won’t work.

You have to redesign your assignment with fresh and unique ideas. Well, this might be a challenge to the uninformed nut with excellent tips you, like many other students from Africa, can escape from this academic embarrassment. Your teachers hate it and they use diverse tools to check the uniqueness and originality of what your work.

By the way, there are numerous tools to check the originality of your work and your teachers and instructors will use any of them. All the tools they use do reveal any plagiarized text instantaneously. But then you still have to do much of your research online, so how do you avoid plagiarism as you present your findings?

1. Manage your time and how you gather your study materials

We all live in a global village no matter how you look at it; Europe, America, Middle East and Far East or West, we are all one – at least academically. We all have the same amount of time per day time. So just like everybody else don’t expect to complete all your assignments in one day or night. Why?

You don’t just have one assignment actually you have several units to cover and each unit usually comes up with its own assignment yet you have to deliver all of them in time. As if o complicate matters some of your college assignments are long others are short. The long ones require more time o complete than the short ones.

Granted, the internet is awash with information pertaining to your assignment but the challenge lies on how to relay the same academic information without plagiarizing somebody else’s work. To accomplish all this calls for effective time management. But do you have all that time and capacity to present the ideas in a new and refreshing way?

2. Using your thoughts

Though you are allowed to borrow and justify thoughts from preexisting ideas it might be difficult for you to produce new words for every similar assignment. Though you are allowed to use specific terminology in a given topic the concepts should present a new or unique approach to the topic under consideration. In short, what other new thought and relevant ideas are you adding to the subject-matter? This might not be easy to do given the numerous time-bound assignments that you have to complete. What’s the solution?

3. Handling citations

Citations give credence to your work. They act as a basis to support or counter an argument. Sadly many students, not just from Africa, submit their assignments without citations. They simply write down their assignments first with total disregard for the all-important citations. That is quite sad. Why? To your tutors, it can interpret it as a deliberate effort to conceal plagiarized content. How can you avoid this entire headache?

It’s by indicating giving proper citations from your source material. These citations which include quotation marks for any information quoted verbatim, the exact reference page of both offline and online sources used in the assignment and the relevant page numbers every time you use someone else’s words in your assignment. Isn’t it worthy to use a credible plagiarism checker to ascertain the originality of your work?

4. Communicating with your instructor

Your teacher is the best guide you’ll ever have. It’s the teacher who hands you the piece of instructions that contain the outline of the assignment. When writing an assignment you have no option other than to follow these instructions. It’s your teacher who assesses the assignment in line with the instructions given and helps you to identify and avoid plagiarized content.

So in case of any ambiguities or lack of understanding on your part, it’s your responsibility to consult your instructor for clarification. The good thing about it is that in acknowledgment of your efforts you can expect the much-needed revision from your instructor. Isn’t your teacher is very good in detecting concealed online sources in your research paper?

5. Proofread your work

Your assignment is not just about stating facts. How you state them and the originality of the thoughts is equally important. You can do well in presenting your argument but fail or lose marks depending on what you present and how original your thoughts you present them.

Of course, coming from Africa means English is not your first language. However, this is no excuse for shoddy grammar. Remember, you might as well be reaching out to a global audience with the results of you academic assignment. Most plagiarism checkers have an in-built feature to rate the readability of your text. So why not use a plagiarism checker to confirm the readability of your text?


Each of the sections above has ended with a question. We understand that you in Africa, just like many other students around the globe, hardly have enough time and money to accomplish all the above-mentioned academic requirements. But we also appreciate that just like your counterparts around the globe you’ve so much academic stuff and money issues to handle that you feel overwhelmed. Where do you turn to?

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